Monday, April 1, 2013

Recap: Luke's Wings "Fashion Takes Flight"

I haven't been feeling like blogging lately, and I'm not sure why.. Maybe I just need a break to get my life in order lol. I wanted to share these photos sooner, but better late than never right?

Here are a few shots taken at Fashion Takes Flight on the 22nd that Tari had a chance to participate in. If you are unfamilliar with the Luke's Wings Non Profit Organization you can visit their website HERE.


Lovely designs from Crystal Jo

Red Doll by Tatyana Merenuk

Lilyan in Nam Nguyen


A lovely night of fashion, for a good cause.


Estelle La Mode said...

I've never heard of the designer but will definitely be look them up! The designs look tailored and the colours and textures make the pieces look very polished!

Mika said...

I definitely agree. That designer was my favorite of the night.