Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Focal Shift: A Tale of Maturing

Now as I continue to embark on this journey of life here in NY, I have come to realize a number of things about myself. My current disdain for social media (albeit, an on and off feeling lol), my ever increasing desire to grow spiritually, and coming to the realization that more than anything, I want to LIVE; to experience and be in the moment as it is happening.

My love for fashion and creating is still present, but the desire to try to make "A Name" For myself has subsided. I simply wish to continue to progress as a human being; becoming more culturally, and spiritually aware. To create clothing for myself, and if others happen to like it too, then great. Goals have changed. Life has been simplified, and things have become even more personal.

I invite you to follow my journey of growth, starting with this blog.