About Tamika

A Maryland native; Tamika began her fashion career right out of high school, becoming the very first intern for Kas Collection, LLC. in 2007. She then became personal assistant to the CEO, Kenneth Flanagan and lead assistant designer within the
 company. Tamika is currently the Operations Manager at Tari Boutique in Georgetown, as well a stylist and designer in her spare time.

My Designer Dreams was created to document her journey and inspire within 
the industry of fashion. Feature creative individuals who deserve to be recognized, and anything else fashion related that needs to be shared with the masses.

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Unknown said...

Being inspired is about a constant process of realignment and it is coming from you. Being able to transition yourself from DC to NY to follow your dreams influence others to want to do the same. Your hard driven work in the industry of fashion has give the opportunity to be recognized , meet great people, and continue to thrive. As far as your blog, it is very artistic and creative. Your fashion sense is tremendous , no wonder it is resulting you to become a great designer. My favorite about the blog is where the shop feature. You give customers with the lack of knowledge on fashion different styles you think they might like. Keep up the great work and the sky is the limit!!