Thursday, October 4, 2012

THIS... Is a Big Deal

...At least for me anyway. Two weeks ago, while in NY for Fashion Week, myself and friends were shot by the legendary Bill Cunningham. The creator of Street Style Photography (Please watch his documetary if you havent, titled "Bill Cunninghm's New York". Here is an old post leading up to the DC Screening Here).

This is how it went; Dana, Amber and I are sitting outside of the Lincoln Center resting our tired feet, and here comes Bill... camera in tow. He's checking people out as I suspect he normally does, walks by us, stops, looks at me...raises his camera and snaps. I'm smiling for the camera, and looking into the lens; but he doesn't want that. Instead he directs me to look away, as if to catch us candidly. Now let me tell you how elated Dana and I were after I told them Bill had just taken our picture! I'm all like OMG,OMG and Dana's like WHAT?! Meanwhile Amber was just like"Um, okay." Dana and I looked at her like O_O and had to let her know who Bill was (funniest moment of the day I tell you.) Needless to say, I'm pretty stoked about this. Check it out HERE, and peep the video slide show!


The Marcy Stop said...

Amazing that he shot you! And rightfully so, you ladies look gorgeous. Following you on BL now

Buki said...

HUGE HUGE DEAL! Congrats...way too cool I HEART BIll and saw his Documentary an an indie theatre when it came out. yay you and your friends!

Leslie said...

This would have been a big deal for me too! Looove it haha
congrats :)

WebHauteJas said...

HUGE! & you all look so natural & relaxed! ...did you just go down in history!?...i'm thinking yes.