Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stylist Chronicles: BTS @ David Rios Salon and Spa

What a LONG weekend. Work, work, on top of more work lol. My regular job and my side hustles are intersecting, but I can handle it, I was buitl for this life.

This past Sunday I worked on a shoot, as wardrobe stylist for Kalyzia who works at David Rios Salon and Spa. With a little less than a months notice, I found myself adding yet another shoot to my Styling Portfolio which is a GREAT thing. I was able to pull from Charm Georgetown for jewelry, Tari Boutique, and of course... My own closet to make wardrobe happen. Everything came together beautifully (model, hair, makeup photography)... But let me tell you guys about the unprofessionalism from these two no show models on the day of the shoot! Kalysia had been calling these girls since 10am, texting and leaving messages, and not a word back was received (THIS IS ONE OF MY MAJOR PET PEEVES) How dare you book yourself for a shoot and not show up? Not even give so much as a call or email the day/night before. Then have the nerve to say "I'm sorry, who is this?" once you finally do answer the phone. SMH I was too through yall..
Anywho.. Take a gander at a few BTS shots. Actual photos coming soon, I'm excited!


Skinny said...

Awww sounds like so much fun- congrats!!

Mika said...

Thank you!