Wednesday, September 19, 2012

NYFW: Back Stage at Farah Angsana



Photo credit: Millen of Analyzed Style

Interviewing Farrah backstage before her show; I was able to ask her three direct questions, as I didn't want to bombarde her with a multitude of them so close to show time.

What was the inspiration behind your Spring Summer 2013 line?

Farah: "Love. You must be able to love what you do, to live with love, to love people around you, the beauties around you. To be able to understand what's going on around you, and I am privileged to have that in me."

Describe the type of woman you design for.

Farah: "Strong, strong personality, kind, dignified, and sensual."

If ther was one quote that summed up your view on life what would it be?

Farah: "Survivor"

 Does the model on the right look familiar? If she does its because you've seen her on America's Next Top Model.. It's Lisa Jackson from Cycle 9


Farah's show was nothing short of amazing. The music was pumping (a mix of house, techno, dubstep) and I was dancing in my seat while watching beautifully constructed, chic garments grace down the runway. The models OWNED these garments and gave them attitude. Everything moved so effortlessly. Being backstage I could not envision how amazing this show was going to be, you know you never can tell with the garments just on the hanger.. But I was blown away. Farrah is amazingly talented with a great eye, and impeccable attention to detail.


A big THANK YOU to Jen over at Comme Coco for allowing me to cover this show! I got the real deal fashion week experience with back stage access AND a seating assignment lol.

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