Monday, May 13, 2013

Recap: Juxtapose @ The Ulysses Room

Juxtapose: "An undertaking by artists of two different genres showcasing their interpretation of the marriage between fashion and art"

 Upon receiving an invite from my girl and fellow blogger Monica, I was very excited when reading about "Juxtapose" and what it entailed. The marriage between fashion and art?! I was determined to be there, even if it was the evening before my flight to Orlando for my cruise LOL. The Ulysses room was filled with beautiful fashionable people, and I couldn't wait to capture the moment. Bianca (wardrobe stylist) and Jamon (Photographer) created a great body of work with this exhibition.

 Wardrobe Stylist Bianca


 The cutest little girl EVER
Anastasia looking super cute


Jamon with Michelle of Neon V
 Monica and I.This lighting made my face look weird lol

A great time was had this evening. Chatting with old friends and meeting new people, all the while enjoying fashion and photography. 


Eat.Style.Play said...

Wow this looked like a fun event! I need some invites to the cool stuff M! hahaha!


Mika said...

I'm so late lol. But this was a great event, and you got it girl!