Friday, March 8, 2013

Window Shopping at MulEh

Concluding my  afternoon meeting at Bus Boys and Poets, I decided to take a stroll down 14th ST and visit some boutiques for a bit of inspiration. One of my favorite places to stop while in the Ust neighborhood is MulEh, a High End Contemporary Designer boutique.

 When I tell you EYEGASMS for DAYS! I mean just that lol. If your girl was rolling in dough I'd definitely shop here with no hesitation. From the home decor to the clothing.. It is nothing short of amazing. Their carefully and thoughtfully selected items that fill the boutique is what separates them from everywhere else. Housing well known brands such as 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Vivian Westwood, to brands I'd never heard of and will be googling lol. The vibe and aesthetic is very modern and crisp, right up my alley. Apparently you are suppose to set up an appointment before you can take photos in the boutique (clearly I had no clue) but they let me slide.. WIN.


Loving these Phillip Lim bags!


MulEh is located at 1831 14th St NW, and 3319 Cadys Aly NW. You can visit their website Here

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Rowan Reiding said...

WOW, I want those chairs!



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