Friday, August 31, 2012

Recap: DC Lady Bloggers Present "The Artist Hour"

Lauren of Doll Circa 1930

Antwanyce Richardson "The Rich Ant"


Bob of Defy DC and I. This picture is too funny to me

Images: The Art Hype

Last Thursday Dana, Sarea, and myself hosted "The Artist Hour" at Tabaq Bistro, which was a pretty good turn out. Much love to our 3 wonderful vendors DEFY DC, Doll Circa 1930, and "The Rich Ant" Portrait Artist. And many thanks to all who attended, we thank you for your continuous support.

Couldnt leave out the Iphone pics lol.

Mila&Fire came by and hung out for a bit. So glad they came.

The lovely Denisio came through, I was so happy to see her

Another happy Defy DC customer.. She got the shirt with ME on the front lol

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