Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stylized: Eliot Payne

*Photo via GoKateShoot.com*

Tell me about you: where are you from, how old are you?

I'm 31. Was born in a small town outside of Cleveland, but my heart
knew it found "home" when I moved to Chicago for law school.

What do you do?

I'm a patent attorney and currently work for a patent search firm.

When did you know that Fashion was something you were passionate

This might sound silly, but I didn't realize it was something I
was passionate about until I started Accoutre. Prior to that, I've
been more interested in style, which is why I started making my own
bow ties... To create something individualized to suit my own style.


What has been your biggest accomplishment to date?

Graduating law school.

What advice do you have for others aspiring to do what you do?

Make sure you surround yourself with good people, friends who are
supportive. Trying to start your own business is a ton of work and
you're probably not going to sleep a lot.

Life quote: If there was one quote that summed up your view on life
what would it be?

I recently saw one that I think is perfect,  by Neale Donald Walsh:
"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

How can we stay connected with you?

I'm a big fan of twitter, @eliotpayne. Accoutre: @AccoutreMe,
www.Facebook.com/Accoutre, www.AccoutreMe.tumblr.com, and the store

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