Thursday, November 10, 2011

DC Roaming.. Fashionably

The month of November must be the month of fashionable events. With 4 events on my calendar this past Wednesday, all starting at or around the same time I was able to attend 2 of them. MontagePR's Meet and Tweet as well as  Paradigm//​Shift - A two-part look at the state of DC fashion presented by the ladies of Birds of a Pleather. Event number two should have been attended by more folk who take fashion, especially in DC seriously. I have so many notes to share from the panel, but in the mean time check out these photos from event number one lol...

Moi, photo taken by blogger Krystin of Be Loud Be You

The "Meet and Tweet" was hosted by newly signed Wilhelmina Model James Mcdonald


Blogger Krystin on the left

Check Desiree's arm, great pieces

Krystin (left) Wearing those FAB Zara heels. Desiree's leather booties (center) and Jimmy's awesome suede wingtip shoes, if I was a guy I'd so wear these lol

Check more photos of event #2 after the jump

Now, lets get into event number 2. Desiree, Jimmy and I headed to Big Board on H st for the panel discussion focusing on the future of DC fashion, where I ran into Katie of Go Kate Shoot and Elise of It's Vintage Darling. They Looked FAB as always

The Panel consisted of a number of knowledgeable folk with in the fashion industry and just the supporters of the creatives in general. I took a great deal of notes, and I will be following up with these individual's because I am intending to start my own fashion line =)
 Panelists represented for Hugh & Crye, Nana, Aidah Collection, Greater Washington Fashion Chamber of Commerce, ReadySetDC, DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities, CapFABB, Refinery29, and  Butler & Claypool
"DC is not becomming a mini NY, DC has it's own fashion identity"
Photobucket Photobucket
Katie of Go Kate Shoot

Loved Elise's printed vintage dress and her accessores



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