Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's That Time Again


If you are in the DC Maryland area and would like to network with professionals in the Fashion Industry, join us next Wednesday at Public House at the National Harbor for a great time.

Got additional questions? Email me: tamikawilkins@gmail.com

Side note: The pictures seen in the flier are all designs of my Boss Kas. The suit, the dress, and the gown. I was assisant stylist for this shoot, had a blast lol


little HBIC said...
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Mika said...

whoops typo lol.. Its Wednesday the 25th hehe

little HBIC said...

I'm confused about the dates. The flyer says May 25th which is a wed. Then you say at the bottom May 26th which is a thursday. I'd luv to attend but im just confused as to which day it is..

little HBIC said...

Oh ok! Great I'll be able to make it then! I should make some quick business cards!!