Friday, January 3, 2014

Recap: #HFRSolutions.. A Discussion

The 16th of December marked a great day for me personally. I've been living in NY for about a month now and Harlem's Fashion Row event was the first of many as I embark on this journey away from the comfort of family and the things I am familiar with. I learned a great deal from a number of talented individuals who've made a name for themselves in fashion. Touching on the subject of diversity in Fashion, or lack there of.. The audience had a chance to listen to these beautiful brothers and sisters speak on what their SOLUTIONS would  be.

Jessie Adore really struck a chord with me during her presentation. An in depth, and succinct powerpoint breaking down the costs to create a luxury product for an emerging designer vs. an established luxury brand with backing. Being that I hope to start my own contemporary women's RTW (ready to wear) line, this information was extremely helpful. Educate the consumer on QUALITY vs. QUANTITY.

This woman right here is where my life quote came from. "When you are an accurate outer reflection of who you say you are on the inside, that is your perfect style." It was such an honor to meet Michaela; Image Activist.

Julee Wilson, Fashion Editor of Huffington post also had some great speaking points.

Nate Hilson, Fashion Publicist extraordinaire shared with the audience that there are no rules in fashion anymore. He doesn't focus on race, he focuses on TALENT. His SOLUTION: Give back to his community.

Where do  I begin with these gentlemen? Lol, I love them. I've posted about Street Etiquette before, and it was great to see them again.
Travis made a great statement, " We have something the industry needs." I find that to be so true, black culture has influenced the masses for decades. Travis made another good statement, "Do what you love, and never look for a hand out."True words indeed!

{photos by budding young photographer Nicholas Nichols}

It was pretty clear that the main takeaway from this conversation was EDUCATION, and I appreciated the lesson.

 And of course I had to throw a few personal style shots in there.

Claire of Fashion Bomb Daily 

Such a wonderful informative night.


Amma Appiah said...
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Anonymous said...

Michaela Angela Davis is great. She's filled with so much wisdom. I really admire Street Etiquette. These pictures are lovely.

Elle @ (Eat.Style.Play) said...

Aw see this is why DC is boring we never have things like this! I want to make the move so bad. I'm aiming for next year.