Monday, July 29, 2013

New on the Block: Shop ANTHOM

Meet Ashley and Carla. Co-founders of ANTHOM, a new international online boutique, featuring exclusive, thoughtfully curated clothing and accessories from a number of under-the-radar designers from all over.

I've know Ashley and Carla for quite some time now (Big ups to the DC Blogging scene lol), and when I found out they along with 3rd co-founder Marshall were launching this amazing online boutique, founded April of this year, I was overjoyed. Both Carla, and Ashley have amazing style, and you all will come to see that with pieces they've so thoughtfully decided to carry at Anthom. I had to get to know more about ANTHOM, so I decided to have a little Q&A with Carla.

Break it down for us, what is ANTHOM? Why did you all choose that name, is there a meaning behind it?
We wanted a word that was recognizable yet strong and unique (like our merchandise).
Why did you all decided to start ANTHOM?
We started ANTHOM to highlight unique designers that we had fallen in love over the years and to also feature exclusive ANTHOM capsule collections
What do you all hope to accomplish with ANTHOM, what are your goals?
To bring unique and beautifully made clothing and accessories to women around the world and to continue working with artists and designers to bring their vision and our aesthetic to life. 
How does ANTHOM differ from other online boutique retailers?
We have 11 exclusive capsule collections + international designers that have never been sold in the US before.
What is the ANTHOM Aesthetic?
 It's clean and unique with a bit of edge. Our customer is an educated metropolitan woman who loves fashion and buys quality/uniqueness over quantity. 
When buying for ANTHOM, how do you decide what pieces make the cut?
We have to love it first! Then we consider other factors like price, production logistics, and whether the pieces fits into our ANTHOM aesthetic. 
 Whats your favorite ANTHOM piece currently?
The Ksenia Schnaider camo dress is definitely one of my favorites. It's exquisitely made and looks like no other dress I've seen before. 
Each one of you have successfully branded yourselves. How did you start and keep the momentum going?
The key for us is to maintain consistency and quality (over quantity) in our branding and message. We just have to be rigorous about our approach and the message we want to portray to the public about our brand. 

 How can we stay in contact with you?
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or contact us HERE with specific questions. 
Check the rest of ANTHOM's Summer lookbook after the jump.


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