Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Recap: Danielle Nicole at Macy's

Last Monday I, along with a number of other amazing DC Bloggers had the opportunity to sit in with Danelle Nicole at the executive offices of Macy's in Wheaton as she displayed her new Spring/Summer Line. Danielle (a Maryland native by the way) has a truly amazing and inspiring story, which was very motivating to hear being that I am one day hoping to have a line of my own. I'll just keep reading the "about Danielle" section of her press kit for continued inspiration lol. If you are unfamilliar with Danielle, she makes beautiful, fashionable handbags for the "Bargainista." Great quality and at an amazing price point?! I couldn't NOT purchase one. Many thanks to Rose for getting these great shots, I hope you guys enjoy.


But are we being bloggers or what? LOL

Talking to Danielle about her story, and telling her about mine.

Nife of Skinny Hipster and I
I purchased the perfect black everyday bag from the "Peyton" family. Can't wait to start wearing it.



Meaghan said...

Love this recap & love Danielle's line. PS you're gorg :)

xo Meaghan

Pich and Roor said...

Ahhh omg I wanted to go to this so bad!! I'm glad you took all these pics so now I can pretend I was there :)I love the purse you picked out, it looks like it will go with everything!