Friday, December 21, 2012

Recap: The Launch of Neon V Magazine

First, let me just say how tremendously proud I am of these beautiful women. With a vision, hard work, and dedication you can accomplish anything. This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of attended the Launch for Neon V Magazine.

If you are not familiar, "neonV is a biannual magazine for the contemporary peculiar woman. assuming an uncanny perspective, the magazine offers women a compelling storyline of traditional and innovative content by exposing the cultural and subcultural continuums in fashion, art, beauty and travel." You can visit their website HERE.  The room was filled with nothing but love and beautiful, well dressed men and women. I'm a sucker for great style and beautiful faces lol.

The ladies of Neon V.
V:Kimee Brown IV: Michelle German III: Carmela Wingfield II: Stephanie Mills I: Tanekeya Word

I loved what Alison and Elise were wearing

*Images via NeonV*
I had a great time chatting with those I hadn't seen in a while and making a few new contacts. Such a beautiful night. As the ladies say "Live in Neon"

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Skinny said...

Looks like you had loads of fun- you look very nice!!