Friday, December 30, 2011

Thrifting: An Art

Doing my usual browsing of the net and stumbled upon an awesome video. Young people with a vision, executing that vision. Now I am not new to the art of thrifting, as a little girl my step mom would get things for my brothers and sister and I from the thrift in our area. But it wasn't until recently (about two years ago) that I started going for myself, and I must say I've found some of my best and most classic pieces from the thrift for dirt cheap. Thrifting is a great way to shop on a budget and get your moneys worth, more times than not you will find a piece with way better quality than the garments made now a days. I hate that the retail value of an Faux Leather Jacket is ridiculously expensive but poor quality lol, what a shame. But anyway...
Check it out, well done guys.

This is an old video, but I can't deny the message. Check out their site HERE

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Atareeh said...

that is pretty awesome. Wish i had some like-minded ppl like that because ive been itching to go thrifting.