Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Life: Behind the Scenes

You want an inside look into what I do for Kas Collection, Inc. and a look at the man behind it all Kas. Then check this video from our Anniversary Fashion Show held July 16th at the National Harbor in Maryland

The House of KAS 2nd Year Anniversary Fashion Show from precise1media on Vimeo.


Chide said...

I've always had a fantasy about what it would be like working behind the scenes in the fashion world. It seems so glamorous, and I truly hope that you enjoy what you're doing because that video is simply like a walking dream to me career wise!

I have followed via bloglovin, and if you'd do the same, it would be great.

I love your hair xx

Mika said...

Thanks Chide. I do enjoy what I do but it is not as glamorous at it may seem. Work hard girl.