Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Bill Cunningham's NY"

Last month I finally got the opportunity to watch Bill Cunningham's documentary FOR FREE at the Bethesda Row Movie Theater.

My friend Dana and I went together and got our photo tacken outside by a reporter for the Washington Post.. I still havent found the picture yet lol. We ran into a two of Dana's friends inside, and after I ran into Andrea of The Fly Girls Blog. She was soooo nice =)

I learned a great deal about Bill through this documentary and I suggest fashion and photography lovers to view it.

"If you don't take money, they cant tell you what to do. Liberty and freedom is the most expensive" ~Bill Cunningham


Andrea is so pretty, and was extremely nice. I hope she comes to our Anniversary Fashion Show this July =)


Loved, loved, loved Dana's outfit

Photobucket DJ's accessories, I loved his whole look

Loved Dana's friend's trench coat was GREAT. I loved her whole look as well

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