Tuesday, January 25, 2011

She's Focused Man

Last week I purchased the most recent WWD from Boarders
(fine print read: "take off of shelves February 28, 2011" lol)


which included a wonderfulinterview with Victoria Beckham. I quite enjoyed reading her answers to the questions. After reading her interview I felt even more motivated to continue to pursue my aspirations.
Victoria is very passionate and takes whats she does very seriously.
She produces her pieces in England and Italy, which much be very expencive but I'm sure the quality is excellent. Made me think that although a lot of our product here in the US is made in China and is a lot cheaper, the quality is not all that great majority of the time; and I want quality!
I may have to follow in her foot steps with that once the time comes. All in all, I applaud Victoria for being very serious about her Brand and not just another celebrity with a clothing line.
You can read the full interview HERE

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